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Many people have recommended I get proper hiking boots, but I have just never found a pair light or comfortable enough, plus have done so much walking in normal running shoes that I struggle to see the benefit in them. I have a pair of Northface Hedgehog XCR III GTX (gortex) trail runners which are very lightweight and have served me well enough for 24hr rogaines and walking up Ben Nevis. However, they are not particularly comfortable and I think I would have problems walking for an extended period of time in them. I wanted something equally lightweight and waterproof, but more comfortable, and came across the Scarpa Enduro GTX women’s. Paddy Pallin had them on special so I went and tried them on. They were incredibly comfortable straight away and about the same weight as my Hedgehogs. The design is so much lighter though – they look like a normal running shoe, which made me concerned about their durability and suitability for long distance rough hiking. The guy in the store assured me Scarpa was a very good brand though, so I went for it (they were on special, and I owed Paddy Pallin a purchase having tried on my Hedgehogs there years ago and bought them online). The only other viable option seemed to be the new version of the Hedgehog and while they had addressed some of the problems I have with my old ones, I’m sure they haven’t managed to fix all of them!

So, I now have a pair of Scarpa Enduro GTX (which I haven’t had a chance to wear yet as the new state lightweight quad ripped a big hole in my heel the day after I got them!). The only problem with them is that I really don’t like the colour! Every other shoe there was a lovely matt grey, green or brown . . . . not these ones!



I also have a pair of Luna Venado sandals. These are incredibly light (100g) and are actually designed for trail running! I want them for walking around camp and crossing rivers (or other times when there is no other way to keep my shoes dry other than taking them off). They’ll also be useful for my days “off” in towns, or any time my feet need a break from the Scarpas.


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