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I will be taking a small selection of electronic equipment with me:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2. It’ll be turned off for most of the time but I’ll get a throw-away SIM card and use it emergency communications and/or GPS, local phone calls for information or accommodation/transport and the occasional check-in with home

GPS Logger: i-gotU GT600 which will record my route, to be downloaded when I get home. See its page for more info (top menu)

Camera: Sony Cybershot HX50V. See its page for more info (top menu)

Solar Panels/Power Storage: 2x Bushnells Solar Wrap Mini which have an internal battery that can be charged with by the solar panel itself, or precharged via USB from a wall socket or computer. See its page for more info (top menu)

USB Power Adapator: 4-USB port power adaptor with UK plug.

GPS Navigator: I’m not taking one of these. I have my GPS logger to track where I go and have my phone for emergency GPS location. I can also load detailed maps onto my phone (UK Ordnance Survey) if I need more detail than my paper maps will provide.

The full list is below. The only things I might add are a spare battery for the camera and a separate waterproof pouch, also for the camera.



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