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I have a new Sony CyberShot HX50V, with a 32Gb memory card. Some specifications:

  • Weight: 272g
  • Battery life: 400 shots (300 with GPS on)
  • Battery capacity: 1,050 mAh
  • Battery charge: by USB-micro USB inside camera
  • Zoom (optical): 30x
  • Resolution: 20.4 Mpxl
  • GPS
  • Wifi connection (send photos) and remote control with phone.

This meets all of my requirements adequately. It is much more complicated than my old camera was so I’m still learning how to use it. The zoom is great, and well backed up by excellent anti-shake technology/software. I have some concerns about the aggressive noise reduction software, ending up with soft, impressionist-painting-like photos, but I think I will be able to manage this better once I learn more about the camera. Macro performance can be good with some fiddling around but is easy to do poorly (or maybe I just need to learn to use it). I have yet to even make a dent in the battery life or the memory card capacity. It has good flexibility for fully manual to fully automatic, plus lots of fancy options including full 360 panorama mode, background defocus, exposure correction (these all merge two or more photos to create a single image).

I’m considering getting a second (spare) battery for this, plus a specific waterproof pouch so I can feel comfortable leaving it in the top of my pack while it’s raining.

Mucking around with manual mode.

Mucking around with manual mode.

Below is my previous discussion on finding a camera.

Requirements for this:

– lightweight
– reasonable battery life
– takes good photos (especially outdoor, scenery, panorama, colour etc)
– recharge battery in the camera (to reduce carrying accessories)
– GPS (I’ve never wanted this before but I’m going to end up with a load of photos from the middle of nowhere!)
– a decent optical zoom length (good for animals, scenery, but will also be useful for rowing photos afterwards)
– a decent macro capability would be nice but is not essential

After walking into a camera shop today and having a camera recommended to me, I finally did some research on this. So far, based purely on http://www.photographyblog.com ‘s competitors to the Sony CyberShot HX50, here is the list so far:


The Panasonic Lumix is my favourite so far. It got a very good review and my old camera (which I was very happy with as a travel camera) is a DMC-TZ1, so I’m comfortable with the brand/model. My old one took pretty good photos most of the time, but did struggle with low light, high contrast and some colour distortion. I’ll need to do some more research on the DMC-TZ40 to be comfortable this won’t have the same problems.

The bottom ones I’ve mostly reject already, for battery life or zoom.  The CyberShot is heavy but also has incredible zoom and the best battery life (but also the largest battery for recharging). It also has huge resolution, which I don’t really need. I’m also not sure of its photo quality. I’d have to make sure the version I got had GPS too.

I haven’t read enough about the Fujifilm Finepix yet. Reading through all these reviews takes forever!!


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