Here is a list of hills I’ve walked so far, with links to the relevant blog posts. (M) indicates Merlin came too. There are a lot of other smaller hills I’ve walked over, around, alongside, but these are the ones that I’ve specifically reached the summit. Except Stac Pollaidh . . . .

Munros (higher than 3,000 feet, or 914.4m):

Ben Nevis (1344m): 4/8/2012

Buachaille Etive Mor (Stob Dearg: 1,022m): 19/8/2014

Ben Hope (927m): 9/6/2015 (M)

Corbetts (2,500 – 3,000 feet, 762 – 914.4m):

Foinaven (911m): 11/9/2014 and 30/5/2015

Canisp (847m): 23/12/2015 (M)

Breabag (815m): 3/9/2014

Quinag (Sail Garbh: 808m): 4/9/2014, ??/9/2015 (M), 5/10/2015(M&M), 27/12/2015(M)

Arkle (787m): 9/7/2015 (M)

Glas Bheinn (776m): 15/4/2016 (M)

Beinn Spionnaidh (773m): 28/5/2015 (M)

Ben Loyal (764m): 28/5/2015 (M)

Grahams (2,000 – 2,500 feet, 609.6 – 762m):

Suilven (731m): 2/9/2014

Ben Stack (721m): 5/9/2014

Stac Pollaidh (612m): INCOMPLETE! 30/8/2014, incomplete again but not by as much: 12/8/2015 (M)

Marilyns (150m+ . . or “everything else that could really be classed as a hill!)

Beinn a Mhonicag (567m): 23/8/014

Farrmheall (521m): 22/5/2015 (M)

Fashven (460m): 9/9/2014

Meall Meadhonach (423m): 9/4/2015 (M)

Beinn Ceannabeinne (383m): 7/9/2014 and 15/4/2015 (M)



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