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Front Fence

Sadly, after finally getting my survey strata completed (I actually own my front and backyard now rather than just sharing everything with my neighbour) and finding a builder . . . . I have decided to put this project on hold indefinitely. Reasons will become apparent in due time.


This will be a brick/stone pillar and metal railing panel fence (the part between the side of the house and the neighbours’ driveway will be Colorbond). Probably ~1.8m tall, with the brick wall section ~0.5m high. It will have a wide vehicle gate plus a normal sized personnel gate. More details on these to come (I have some crazy ideas on the vehicle gate!).

Step 1 is almost complete: Survey Strata of property (so I actually own the land I want to put a fence around) is almost finished. This is actually a huge step as it has been one of the main things holding me back for the last few years.

Step 2 is to talk to railing suppliers to finalise gate design and pillar spacing (and get quotes)
Step 3 is to find a builder (and get quotes)
Step 4 is to get over the shock of how much the whole thing will cost
Step 5 is to actually get it built!

Preferred pillar construction at the moment is recycled brick:

Secondary option is limestone:
Railing will look something like this:


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  1. Ann O'Keefe says:

    looks fine

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