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Solar Panels & Power Storage

I need power storage so I can charge my devices (particularly my GPS logger) during long walks and also want to experiment with solar panels as a way of having a sustainable source of power while off-grid.

The Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini is a light, flexible solar panel with built in internal power storage (2,200 mAh). I have two of these, which gives me 4,400mAh of power storage if I pre-charge them from the grid. For reference, my phone takes 1,650mAh to charge, the GPS logger takes 750mAh and the camera takes ~950mAh so with 2 fully charged Minis, I could charge the camera and GPS logger twice plus almost entirely recharge my phone without any solar input.

I haven’t tested these thoroughly yet so can’t comment on the effectiveness of the solar charging. I have checked that they do charge all of my devices and are at least responding to the sun (the charging light goes on in direct sunlight).

I know solar is not ideal in Scotland, but there will be SOME sun, and I will be walking around in it for most of the day so hopefully they’ll pick up some charge. If not, I can charge them from the wall in any civilisation I find then charge my devices from the internal storage while out and about. The two should provide enough power to last for most of my walks.

Other options were:

  • just power storage units, but these are either the same capacity and slightly heavier OR much heavier for more storage capacity.
  • rigid solar panels, but these were heavier and harder to set up to charge while walking

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