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The new bathroom begins!!

OK, I may be a little overexcited about this. It possibly doesn’t quite warrant a post and this many pictures. However, excited I am, and hopefully after I share it with you, you all will be too. Well, I think some of my friends and family will be, and the rest of you will be reminded that sometimes I’m a little strange.

As you will know if you’ve been reading this for a while, or talking to me, or have checked out my Bathroom page, I am getting my bathroom renovated.

Today was Day 1 – Demolition day! (I’m claiming yesterday, “drop off the skip bin, sand, bricks and the job file”, as Day 0).

I started off with this:

and within a couple of hours, was left with this:

Another couple of hours and I had a bath again (I don’t think I’m allowed to use it though) and some new shower plumbing:

I then got awfully excited looking through all of my shiny new fittings outside. This is what prompted this blog post, although clearly I’ve been trigger happy with the camera all day!

ooooo, shiny!!

Unfortunately now we are on hold for a few days (Friday left clear in case I wanted to get a power point moved, and no work over the weekend), but should have plastering and ceiling repair on Monday and vanity installed on Tuesday, then tiling in the next few days after that. I assume the toilet and shower hob (base edges) will go in on Monday or Tuesday too. Expect more excitement on Monday!


Today’s update

I feel like I have a lot of things to update you about but rather than writing lots of little posts, I’ll put them all in one. I feel a bit like it’s a daily update . . . except I won’t be doing it every day.

The first thing I want to talk about actually happened yesterday. My new stakes (8 of them) arrived from Ruta Locura. They are incredibly light (it said 6g, I should know what that means, but you can’t really imagine it until you pick them up) and look like they’ll do an excellent job.They are carbon fibre, with metal tips and heads. The tips seem secure and are pointy but not too sharp. The heads look like they are screwed in, so hopefully I won’t have problems with them coming off (not uncommon with carbon tent stakes). I’m pretty sure the carbon comes from arrow shafts, to give you an idea of what they’re like. I was a bit concerned about breaking them initially (they are so light) but after handling them a bit more I’m much more comfortable with them. After all, people bash them with rocks to get them in the ground, or shoot them at trees and they don’t break too often! They will combine with 6 Terra Nova Superlite Titanium V’s I have on order. Here is a picture with a biro, and one of the Terra Nova 1g Titanium Skewers, for scale:


Today I recieved my parcel from Z-packs. Very exciting! Here is a photo of everything, unpacked and labelled.


I didn’t label the sleeping bag – I figured you could work that one out on your own! Everything on the Tyvek ground sheet is actually for my friend, Steve.

Unfortunately there were a couple of things missing from the order (pack cover and a tent pole sack) and a couple of extra things (tent stake sack and extra Z-Line) but I’ve emailed Z-packs so I’m sure that will be sorted soon. Also, the passport pouches are a little smaller than expected. We were hoping to use them as camera pouches. With the slightly smaller size (0.5″ less on each dimension) it is an incredibly tight fit. I’m worried that I’ll rip the stitching, or the zip won’t close well enough to be properly waterproof. Or, it is so difficult to get the camera in or out that it won’t be worth using. Anyway, I’ve asked Z-packs about this too. I could actually use it for my passport instead anyway and get something else for the camera.

Also today, it’s raining! I got to take my new jacket out for its first walk and it performed beautifully. I’ve written a detailed description and bit of a review on its own page, under my Hiking > Equipment menu. And I’ll try to work out this “links” thing to put a link to it here . . . “Here” OK, I think I did that the hard way (although it may eventually help me learn html coding!!) but I’ve found the right section of wordpress help now, so may be able to do all sorts of fancy stuff in the future!

I got new gutters on my house yesterday, so the rain was good for testing them too! The main long term problem of the gutter draining the wrong way and overflowing near the front door appears to be solved (Yay!!) but in heavy rain it seemed to be coming down the back of the gutter about halfway along the length. The tiles look to be a long way back from the gutter so I’m not sure if it was this (in which case they may be able to pull the tiles forward a bit, or maybe put a piece of flashing on it), or if it was actually overflowing over the back of the gutter. Anyway, the colour looks good (Colorbond changed their colour system so I had to get a reddish brown (Terrain) instead of the Mission Brown of the rest of the house) and the profile seems the same as before. They also did a great job installing them, reattaching to the old downpipes and chiselling out parts of my rafters so the front gutter would drain the correct direction.

In other news . . .
1. I haven’t heard back from my GPS logger manufacturer about the battery problem. I may be able to get around this by reducing the logging interval (logging every 11s should give ~100hrs battery life, which should give at least 50 even with a dodgy battery) but I’m currently testing it with the motion sensor OFF to see if this helps. UPDATE: They’ve asked me to return it, and promise to get back to me within 7 days. I hate to send it away and be completely without it, but better now than later, and better to have a properly working one than a half working one.

2. I’m going to get new waterproof pants anyway because my current ones have elastic bottoms which aren’t much good for keeping water out of my shoes, however my walk thismorning proved that my current ones aren’t waterproof anymore either! They keep a lot of water out, but my other pants were definitely damp all across the front of the legs after my walk!

3. I’m still slightly concerned that my shoes are also not entirely waterproof, but can’t be sure what is coming in through the shoe and what is running down from the pants. The material (gortex meshy bit) seems to be waterproof so I think it may be the stitching that’s a problem if there is one. Hopefully this I can just put some waterproofing agent or seam sealer over anyway. Plus, I still have lots of gortex spray stuff left over from trying to fix my old jacket!!

I think that’s about it for now. Thanks for hanging around this long!