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Another bird survey…..


I did another round of bird surveys recently. I’d be much more efficient at them if I didn’t stop to take photos all the time! Still, then I wouldn’t get to share these lovely pictures with you.

Anyway, I didn’t see as much as last time, or even hear as much. I did see meadow pipits (of course!), dippers (a new one), sandpipers (lots) and stonechats, and also heard a ring ouzel and a couple of snipe. Here are two days worth of pictures……

As a hiking, and general wellbeing, note, on the first day I did 25km (almost entirely cross country) and 1,500m vertical ascent. I fell in one hole (up to my knee on one foot), and also dropped my heel into another hole (hyperextending my knee). I was physically fine the next day, but mentally shattered and thereby fairly useless in the Tearooms after 1pm. The second day I did 18km and thoroughly enjoyed it. My fitness is obviously coming along well as it felt easy, even with 900m vertical ascent, much of it up significant slopes (rather than slowly edging up the side of hills). I managed to drop the same heel in another hole, hyperextending the knee again, but it was still fine the next day. The back of that knee has been hurting a bit anyway, so I figure it serves it right. Maybe now it’ll behave again.



  1. Anna says:

    Very strange that these blog posts haven’t been showing up on my “following” feed. I thought you had just forgotten about your blog! Lol. I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the Scottish life! X

  2. Helen says:

    I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I often think of it….. then despair about the lack of time to write on it. And, at the moment, the lack of interesting things I’m doing that would warrant writing on it! I do have a 3/4 written post from back in June that I might finish one day. Your posts still appear in my Reader. I just don’t get around to looking through it often enough so I miss them (or take ages to notice them!). Summer tourist season is starting to slow down, so hopefully will have some more time soon. Hope you are well too. x

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