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A very long dog walk


Merlin has been particularly annoying over the last few days so I decided he needed a good long walk to sort him out. I’m happy to announce that it worked and he’s been curled up on the couch asleep for most of the evening. There was a slight revival for dinner.

This is not going to be a proper post, . . I really just want to share some photos! It is delightfully wintry here at the moment with a fair bit of snow (for here) and lots of ice. I’m really enjoying it, and learning a lot too! For example, the clear stuff that looks like water is quite often really slick ice so you shouldn’t stand on it!

This walk was about 12km all up and took about 4 hours I think. I can’t tell for sure because my GPS logger has not been working properly. I just downloaded a software update and that seems to have fixed it but, sadly, only after I had deleted todays tracking information. The walk was from my house, north to Meall Meadhonach (354m), across to the peak just north of An Socach (362m) and across to Creag Riabhach (the small one: 316m), then along the ridge (344m) then home. This almost finishes my tour of “small hills between Kinlochbervie and Durness”.

Merlin is not particularly excited about snow, but not averse to it either. The only problem is that there is not much water for him to drink when everything is frozen, and he doesn’t seem to like the few streams that are running – too cold perhaps? He is disappointingly competent on ice. I was expecting at least a few hilarious sliding and tumbling episodes but he has resolutely stayed on his feet and even been mostly in control, at least when I’ve been watching.

So now on to the pictures:



  1. Valeta Pethrick says:

    Thanks for the photos, it looks very very cold, but still quite beautiful. Merlin is looking fabulous, his coat appears to have become thick with the cold no doubt. I just love reading all about your trips outside. Keep ’em coming. xxxx

    • Helen says:

      It’s definitely a bit cold, but still very lovely! I have lots of other photos of walks, but have not got around to editing and posting them. Too busy with day to day life!

      Some of my other friends have commented on Merlin looking fluffier. I haven’t noticed it, but he probably is. I just assumed that he was scruffy and windblown all the time!

  2. Lovely pics. At least Merlin doesn’t need to wear a coat in this weather!

    • Helen says:

      He does have a bit more coat than a Boxer! Plus, everyone from home has been commenting on how much fluffier he’s got! He’s fine while he’s running around but does get cold if we stop for too long. He was looking a little miserable for some sections when it started raining though!

  3. anna says:

    Awesome pics x

  4. renate says:

    Can just feel the cold through your pictures! Thank GD for your new boots then! xx

    • Helen says:

      Hey! Good to hear from you! Hope things are well. This day was actually not too cold (8 degrees, vs 2 on previous days) but the wind and rain made it feel worse. Boots are great though, and have space for 2 pairs of socks which really helps with warmth πŸ™‚

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