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Happy Birthday Pumpkin!


Hard to believe this bonny wee boy is four already! (Clearly I’ve been reading too many baby/child birthday announcements!)

Really though, it’s Merlin’s birthday today. I meant to do a proper post to celebrate it (and him) but we went for a walk today (up his first “munro”, Ben Hope) which took longer than I planned, and a walk to a waterfall last night which also took longer than I planned, and now we’re off to the pub for dinner to celebrate (he’s already had his dinner but it’s a nice justification for mine!).
So, a big happy birthday to my big red dog! (more self indulgent photos of him to follow)


A pretty photo of him last week


Today - 4.5hrs running around a hill and he still wants more!



  1. anna says:

    Happy birthday Merlin!!

  2. Dave says:

    Looking very regal in the top photo. Looking sad in the bottom photo that his 20’s (in doggy years) are almost over !

  3. Jackie says:

    Happy Birthday Handsome x

  4. Happy Birthday Merlin!

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