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Trip Report – Scotland 2014 – Introduction


I am going to make a concerted effort to finally get the story of my trip out to you all. I’d like to present it in roughly the timeframe that it happened, with one post per walking day so those of you who want to can effectively relive it with me in real time. For those who don’t, I will try to set up a new page where you can read through the stories at your leisure. Also, one of the biggest problems I’ve had in getting this ready for you is selecting photos. I took approximately 100 photos each day and trying to get this down to a reasonable “blog post” amount while still effectively conveying the feel of the trip is very difficult . . . if not impossible. My intention, therefore, is to select a maximum of 10 photos per day to help tell the story, then upload some more into a gallery somewhere for those who want to see them and can’t come round to my house and see them in person.

Just a reminder for those don’t know, you can “follow” this blog by pressing the “follow” buttons I’ve scattered around the place then wordpress will send you an email any time I post something new, so you don’t even need to remember to come back and check!

This is just a short one, to get me started. The walking starts tomorrow!

I arrived in Glasgow on Wednesday and was greeted at the airport by my friend, Scott. The next day and a half were spent wandering around Glasgow city centre and preparing for my first walk. Sadly the weather was a bit drizzly and I wasn’t feeling very well, but we still got to see a bit of the town. We even saw an Australian pipe band! It’s always funny when you go all the way across the world just to see people from home. They were practicing for the World Pipe Band Championships which were on Friday and Saturday. This was the start of a trend where I missed major events by a day or two . . . despite having attempted to find out what was on before I planned my trip.

An Australian pipe band in Glasgow (from Canberra I think)

An Australian pipe band in Glasgow (from Canberra I think)

Trip preparation included working out how to pack my gear and buying food (muesli and powdered milk for breakfast, pita bread, chorizo and cheese for lunch/dinner, muesli bars, chocolate, lollies and a couple of dehydrated meals for emergencies. The aim was to get to a pub for a proper meal once a day, so my provisions were pretty light for an 8 day walk).



  1. annathrax says:

    About bloody time! 😉

  2. thegomof51 says:

    I’m OK Jack, I got my report ages ago! You need to get a bit pushy.

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