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Merlin’s day at the Show


I know, I know . . . I owe you hundreds of hiking posts full of amazing pictures and inspiring (or at least interesting) stories. I was going to say it is an issue of time . . . but it’s really more to do with mood and motivation. Looking through my photos is lovely, but also a bit sad because I’m not there anymore. Also, I want to present such amazing blog posts for you that I want to get all the photos, information and stories “just right” and THAT will take more time than I have. However, I’ve just read some travel posts from other bloggers and been inspired so will lower my standards and start getting some posts out for you soon.

In the meantime, here is a short ‘congratulations’ to Merlin:

This fortnight is the Perth Royal Show. I entered Merlin in the Dog Conformation Show (beauty contest). We entered last year and won “Best Irish Setter in Show”, sadly through the default of being the only Irish Setter there. This year we succeded in again winning “Only Irish Setter in Show”! To his credit, he behaved and presented very well and I had done a reasonable job of grooming him. Everybody said he looked lovely. He was also very social all day, earning lots of fans from the hundreds of children (and a fair few adults) who patted him.




  1. Jackie says:

    Well done Merlin – and Helen!

  2. Anne Murphy! says:

    Well done Merlin! Rusty & I are very proud of you!

  3. Obviously you know he’s the best anyway, regardless of how many others were or weren’t there! 🙂

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