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The only hill left untackled from my original walk was Arkle. However, I’d also been tossing up a day trip to Foinaven (just north and partly joined). I then heard that you could go up Foinaven, then walk all the way across the ridge to Arkle. It was a plan.

I got dropped off thismorning at the local attack point for Foinaven (tourists start further north, with a longer walk in) and walked up a gentle ridge to the first peak. It was then a long and sometimes precarious, but generally amazing, ridge walk for a couple of hours.

Sadly, there was one long ridge I couldn’t tackle. I started, but it was much more ‘climb’ than ‘walk’ and I realised that with the speed I would need to go to be safe (ie snails pace), I wouldn’t get back in time. Shame but, again, it was a safety and convenience (to others) issue.

As it was, I didn’t have time to go to the top of Arkle either but I’m not too concerned as I think Arkle is the one that people climb because Foinaven is too inaccessible! I came down the lower slopes of Arkle and got back to Achfary just in time for my lift home!


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