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Starting NW walk tomorrow.


Hi all. Just letting you know that I’m starting my big north west walk tomorrow (Friday). I’m being dropped off at Ullapool in the morning then will be completely out of civilisation until I get to Inchnadamph, hopefully on Monday afternoon. If I can get mobile reception I’ll also get resupplied here. If not I should be able to get this the following day at Kylesku. All things going according to plan, I’ll be climbing my beloved Quinag on Tuesday and be safely in Durness by the end of the weekend.
I will not have any internet for the duration of this trip so you won’t hear from me. No worrying!! Phone contact will also be patchy but I will text my local support crew as often as possible, so rest assured someone is keeping an eye out for me.

There was a good chance I’d have company on this walk but that has fallen through. I’d got used to the idea though and got a little scared about attempting it on my own, especially after the 2 days around Glen Roy were so hard. However, I’ve thought it all through and am reassured that it will be simply amazing. Plus, a little stubborn determination and craziness kicked in – I planned for this thing to be solo from the start. Of course I can do it!

I have stripped my gear down as much as possible (no need for spare ‘town’ clothes where I’m going), have found a brilliant pair of lightweight gaiters (for heather bashing) and have got enough food for 11ish days, taking enough for 5 full days to start, expecting resupply after 3.5.
Pretty happy with my food too, coming close to my 10,500kJ per day target at only ~580g/day.
While having enough food is clearly a priority, so is having a light pack as I’m planning to traverse (ie go over, not just up and back down, in which case I could leave my pack at the bottom) a bunch of reasonably high, steep hills with tricky (and sometimes unproven) descent routes.
Anyway, you can see my planned route in “The Plan” page somewhere. I’ve rechecked my maps, reread my guide books . . .
Not much more to do except a final pack and start walking!!
Talk to you in 10ish days!!



  1. Michelle says:

    Go Helen, go!!

  2. Bridget says:

    It WILL be amazing! See you on the other side!

  3. Anne Murphy! says:

    Safe travelling Helen! Enjoy every moment!!! Your trip so far sounds amazing!!

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