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Fort William


I’ve made it! Here is a picture of me at the start


Milgnavie, start of the West Highland Way.

and a picture at the end


Fort William, at the end of the West Highland Way.

All of my gear has worked really well and my feet (and legs) have held up much better than I expected, although I may have hurt my back a little today trying to run down the hill to Fort William! The only thing that I mucked up was planning my distances so I got here in 6 days instead of 7 or 8!!

Mum, I’ve taken lots of photos of crannogs for you (and some of sheep).
Steve, I’ve taken some photos of crazy sized backpacks for you.
Ben, I’ve taken lots of photos of rocks for . . . well, for me actually but you might like them.
Bridget and Michelle, I’ve taken some photos of when I’m holed up in my tent due to rain . . . or usually midges!
Everybody else, I didn’t know what you specifically wanted photos of so have tried to take photos of EVERYTHING!! (Actually I’ve tried really hard to limit my photo taking but have failed miserably. Or failed very happily, depending on which way you look at it)

Anyway, I’m having a ball and have enjoyed almost every minute of every day, although I must admit I’m pretty happy to have had a shower today!

And just so you know, I got up the mountain. There was a path almost all the way up, with just the last bit being a crazy scramble. Even better though, it wasn’t just a climb up a mountain but a walk along the ridge to 5 separate peaks, then a crazy steep, long descent. The photo below is from Stob na Broige, the last peak on the ridge. The red peak you can just see in the distance is the first, and highest, peak and also the one shown in the other photo I posted earlier (Stob Dearg, or literally Red Peak).

View back along Buachaille Etive Mor ridge to Stob Dearg.

View back along Buachaille Etive Mor ridge from Stob na Broige to Stob Dearg. (The Big Herdsman of Etive, from the Peak of the Boot to the Red Peak)



  1. Michelle says:

    That’s awesome, Helen!! Good work!

  2. thegomof51 says:

    Good, next is to find out what the hell they carry in there! (& why). Even Toberones & GG wine only take up a little bit of space.

  3. Jackie says:

    Good to hear everything working well and you’re enjoying it. (Merlin is happy and well!)

  4. […] We set off at about 11am, about an hour behind schedule. You can see a picture of me setting off here. Given my history of getting lost at the start of walks I thought this would be the hardest bit of […]

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