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The day has finally arrived . .


So, this is testing out my wordpress access on mobile. I’m currently sitting in the departure lounge with 2 hours to wait until my flight because everything has gone so incredibly smoothly.

My taxi driver arrived within 10minutes of being called and was a lovely lady (eastern european I think) who loves dogs and was very easy to chat to. A fantastic start to my holiday!
The pre-check in customs people were friendly and signed off on all my TRS gear so I could pack it in my luggage (claiming GST back on equipment I’ve purchased for the trip).
Checkin had barely a queue and I’m checked all the way through to Glasgow.
Immigration didn’t have a queue at all and were very quick but also friendly. Same with the TRS people. No problems at all on my refund.
Again no queues at security, although I did get the full service with a body scan (which picked up my tiny zips on my pant pockets and something in my chest which the lady suggested, jokingly, was just my massive muscles) and and explosive scan.
Expecting delays or conplications with at least one of those, I’m now chilling out in the incredibly uninspiring Perth International airport departure lounge!

My departure is, in some ways, perfect timing (my hayfever started yesterday) and, in other ways, terrible timing (my new carton of wine arrived thismorning!). This “blogging on the go” is much more difficult in terms of presenting cohesive, coherant thoughts so apologies for muddled ramblings.
(OK, this belongs at the bottom but I’ve just installed the wordpress app so can now upload photos . . . but I can’t scroll to the bottom of my post!! Ahhh the fun of mobile technologies!

Having some trouble loading pictures so I guess you’ll just get text for now. Will have to sort that one out though!!

Merlin got dropped off thismorning and has already settled back into “his” chair!



  1. Ann O'Keefe says:

    Have a great time.

  2. thegomof51 says:

    Turas math dhut/dhuibh!
    (Thats what Mr Google said anyway)

  3. annathrax says:

    Good luck and enjoy!

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