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North Bib Walk – technical report


Here is a slightly more technical report, for those of you who are interested in the numbers.

Total distance: ~102km (my maps said 101, but apparently the track has changed by 1-2km in the last section)
Total time not in camp: 28.5hrs
Total time walking (approx): 22.3hrs

Here is some more details of the times/distances:

And the Garmin maps (remember, Day 2 is missing the end section):


Day 1 – Sullivan Rock to Canning


Day 2 – Canning to Beraking


Day 3 – Beraking to Ball Creek


Day 4 – Ball Creek to Kalamunda

And now some weight and food stats:
Total weight (everything but me) at start: 13.6kg
Total weight at end: 11.2kg
Total food eaten: 2kg (not incl pub meal at Kalamunda and food just before start!)

You can look at my full gear list (including food) with before and afters, here: NorthBibStats

My biggest concern here, other than not being anywhere near meeting my food target of 0.5kg/day, is the large discrepency between planned weight and actual weight. While a lot of this is due to food (probably from me listing “net weight” and not considering the packaging weight), there is still 0.5kg unaccounted for. Unless I can identify this, it means that I need to allow for carrying an extra half kilo of “miscellaneous weight”. Given that I’m already over my target weight, this is not something I want.

The other concern is that after we returned, Steve and I had a look at some of my Scotland maps. The highest hill we went up on this walk was ~200m height change. The hills I’m going over in Scotland will be 700m+ height changes. While I am only planning one major hill per day, this is still a substantial increase in scale. On a slightly more positive note, most of the hills I have chosen to walk up in Scotland are reasonably small by Scottish standards! Only 1 is a “Munro” (above 914m), 5 are Corbetts (762-914m) and the rest are Grahams (610-762m).



  1. annathrax says:

    Interesting stuff mate. We did 15km today and that felt hard enough. I’m so unfit and lazy this winter.

    • Helen says:

      I think anything from 10 – 22 feels equally hard. Then above 22 – 32 is another level of hard!! It’s amazing once you’re out there though you just keep going!

      • annathrax says:

        Thats what i think. If there is no choice you just keep going! You can always rest (within reason) when needs be as well. I just seemed to really struggle on the sunday, probably due to lack of sleep and working full time for the week. Will be imteresting to see how you go in scotland!

  2. thegomof51 says:

    Its nice to see confirmation of my rule-of-thumb 4kph average.
    Looks very impressive now we’re back & sitting in the sun drinking coffee!
    Reminds me of that lanky kid on the TV show …….”did I do that?”

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