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Some background on why I’m hiking in Scotland


A lot of people ask me why I’m planning on hiking in Scotland, so here are two main reasons:

1. Mum and I took a holiday there in 2012 and absolutely loved it. I have just added an entire page about this holiday so maybe you can get some idea of what an amazing trip it was. Somehow, Scotland managed to get a hold of me, and I’ve been itching to get back. WARNING: The page is long and has lots of pictures. I kept the text and pictures as minimal as I could (no more than 1 photo of each thing in most cases, and no photos at all for many) but the fact is that we did a lot in the small time we were there. If you do want to read it, see the top menu, or click here.

2. If you’ve read my rowing page, you’ll know that I wasn’t well during my Nationals campaign this year. Actually, a lot of the time was downright miserable. At those points I often found myself thinking “I wish I could get away from everybody and just walk and meander and . . . ”

And so the idea of hiking around Scotland with just me and whatever I could carry was born. The idea was one of the things that kept me going through some of the really miserable rowing and, as soon as the rowing season was over, planning began for this trip.

There are also many practical reasons for hiking in Scotland:
1. No shortage of water for drinking – reduces the amount of water (weight) I need to carry. Also reduces the chance of mucking up and dying of dehydration!
2. No large predatory animals that can eat me, and not too many dangerous little animals that will kill me (although I am scared of the ticks).
3. Scottish “freedom to roam” laws mean I can legally walk wherever I want, as long as I don’t mess with anyone’s property (and follow the code).
4. Generally English speaking, civilised, friendly and accustomed to walkers.
5. I’ve been there before so am vaguely familiar with it.
6. Decent weather ie comfortable temperatures when I’m planning to travel and little chance of catastrophic or dangerous weather events.


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