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Got my maps yesterday! Sooooooo exciting. Here they are:


The orange ones are 1:25,000 scale and cover all of my north western walk. I’m probably not taking them with me though (too heavy to carry them all). I had two custom maps made up to specifically cover the exact area that I needed at a 1:50,000 scale (so yes, the bottom two map covers do actually have pictures of Quinag and Merlin on them!). The plan is to transfer any necessary detail from the 1:25,000 scale maps onto my custom 1:50,000 maps by hand (e.g. additional paths, footbridges etc). As well as the weight of the maps, and the ease of handling, I have read that sometimes the 1:25,000 maps have too much detail, particularly in the “cnoc and lochan” type topography that I’ll be travelling across. There is so much detail and contour lines that it’s actually difficult to make out the major geological features. I’m also very familiar with a 1:50,000 scale from rogaining so it will be easier for me to automatically estimate times and distances.

The other maps are 1:50,000 maps of the West Highland Way area. I’ve only covered a small section of this walk with proper maps as most of it will be on paths. I’ll print out some rougher smaller scale maps and instructions for this and the Great Glen walk. One of the maps I bought covers my side-trip to Buachaille Etive Mor plus an off-path Great Glen section I want to do to Glen Roy so I thought it was worth getting. It also covers all of Glen Coe, Ben Nevis etc so I’m sure will be useful in the future. The other map was a bit of an impulse purchase – when I was already spending so much money on maps one more didn’t seem to be a problem, and it is great to have so much information about the area I’m walking through. I love maps!!

For the rest of my map requirements, you can look at proper topographic maps for anywhere at the Ordnance Survey website (www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk – OS Getamap) and I have bought a subscription so I can print out scaled A4 topo maps.

I had some fun looking at the maps yesterday and discovered some significant rivers and lochs in my way, so will be looking at Google Earth to see if they look crossable . . . or if not may need to modify my planned route.

I also received my spare camera battery yesterday, but haven’t tried it out yet. I got it (plus a spare phone battery: 2 items = free postage) from a company called Better Batt. I’m really impressed with them. They’re a family business offering decent priced (ie $18 instead of $60) batteries with a 400 day money back guarantee (so they obviously have confidence in the quality) and they were incredibly easy to find the right type of battery and order from.


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