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Another long walk


For those who don’t know Perth, Kings’ Park is that little hill to the left of the city. Love the new camera’s panorama function!

Merlin and I went for another long walk today, roughly the same route as the last one but the opposite way around. I must say, I didn’t cope with going up the Kokoda steps nearly as well as I did going up Mount Street! 17.5km, from my Garmin watch as the GPS logger is away to be fixed, and about 3.75 hours (plus an hour lunch break with Dad in the City).

It was daytime for this walk, and what a stunning day it was!

I also saw an interesting bird that I haven’t photographed before on the way home. I haven’t looked up the exact species, but assume it’s a spoonbill of some type.




  1. Michelle says:

    Nice photos!

    • Helen says:

      Thanks! It was pretty hard not to get a nice photo with that panorama, but I’m really impressed with how the bird came out – especially as it was bright and I was a long way away (~25x zoom) so I could barely see what I was taking a photo of!!

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