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Oops, I bought a jacket . . .


It was orange, . . . what was I supposed to do??


Firstly, sorry for the mix up on Friday. I was a bit of a tease, wasn’t I. Not my intention I assure you.  I was so excited about my shopping trip that I wrote you a wonderful post about it while on the way home, using my phone. When I checked it a bit later I realised that somehow the post itself hadn’t saved, only the heading. I tried to delete it before it got sent out but unfortunately missed. So, apologies to everybody who tried to read it. Here is a new version although I’m sure it won’t be as witty or entertaining as the original was (at least that’s what I want you to think!):

I went into Macpac as they were having a half price merino sale, and I was still trying to sort out some of my clothing items. I really like Macpac gear, but usually can’t afford it, so within a few minutes had an armful of clothes to try on. I also saw a nice looking light waterproof jacket. I’ve finally decided that I can’t trust my old jacket to be waterproof so have started researching new jackets. I was certainly not ready to buy a new one today. However, I thought it was worth trying on, just as another option once I had done some more research. It was quite a lovely fit but, alas, didn’t have a hood! What a crazy idea – a waterproof jacket without a hood?!?!?

They did have a similar version with a hood, it was on sale and . . . . it came in a beautiful bright orange! It weighs in at just 10g heavier than my old (Mammut) jacket. I know this is still heavier than some of the other jackets on the market, but I feel that it will also be much more durable (especially while wearing a pack) than those jackets, and I was already prepared to accept that weight in jacket. Plus, it’s nice to have some gear from a(n almost) local supplier (NZ) when I’m going hiking on the other side of the world. It is called a “Traverse” jacket, is made of eVent material (the “new Gortex”, but lighter and more breathable apparently!) and has extra durable patches across the shoulders. I haven’t worn it except in the shop, but will try to give you a proper review over the next few days (or week!).

I also bought some amazingly fashionable sleepwear (full length merino pants and top, . . . in grey with orange and yellow stripes! – you’ll have to see a photo to get the full effect!), some Merino socks and a couple of new long sleeved shirts which seem really comfortable and are quite light. I’ll have to test these out, but am hopeful they’ll be part of my hiking kit.


While I was there I also had a fantastic chat with some of the staff who were incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, as well as interested in hearing about my trip, gear and planning. One guy in particular got very excited when I asked if he knew how much everything weighed! He is an ultralight hiker and doesn’t find many people in Perth to share that with. He was particularly impressed by my tent and sleeping bag weights, . . . . and when I pulled out my own set of scales to weigh things in store! I should probably go back and pick his brain about long distance lightweight hiking as I don’t usually get the chance to talk to people that have actually done this stuff.

I also dropped off my Mammut jacket at the store I had bought that from 2 years ago and they were happy to take it back and investigate the cause of failure and possible remediation / warrantly action, so hopefully I get some recompense for that. Otherwise it was a very expensive outlay for very little use.

In other exciting news, I ordered my maps on Friday. Now I just have to wait 2+ weeks for them to arrive!!



  1. And a very nice shade of orange it is, too 🙂

    • Helen says:

      I thought so! I was a bit hesitant at getting something that would stand out so much, then reminded myself that I’d only be wearing it in the rain (so hopefully not too often!) and having some bright gear will be useful if I ever need to be found.

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