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The point of no return!


It’s done. I’ve booked my flights. My thoughts: Woohoo!

Which is funny, because that’s exactly what the flight booking website said as well!


I like it when websites and programmers are a little bit quirky, like when my email program asks if I forgot to add an attachment and gives me the choice of replying “Oh, I did!”, complete with exclamation mark. Makes me smile every time because that’s usually exactly what I’m thinking.

On an interesting note, I also bought travel insurance today. That is not the interesting part. Unfortunately I couldn’t go with my favourite travel insurer (Southern Cross), even though they were the cheapest by far and have always been really good, because they exclude claims arising from travel in “Remote Areas” (“areas with limited or no telecommunications or medical services”) unless with an organised tour/guide. I’m pretty sure at least some parts of my hiking will fall under this Remote Area definition so it’s not worth the risk of them not covering me. I thought that this might be a problem so read the Policy Statements very carefully. Luckily they were the only company I looked into with a Remote Area clause.



  1. Is this your trip to Scotland, then?

    • Helen says:

      Yep. I wanted to get them a couple of months ago when I decided I was definitely going, but then waited for a few dates back here to be finalised, then had internet problems, then the price went up so I had to look for new flights . . . . . then finally I got around to booking it this week! With this, and gear purchases, my bank account is taking a hammering!

  2. thegomof51 says:

    So is there time for another gallop down the track to test out the tent & sleeping bag?(& new shell?)

    • Helen says:

      There is definitely time, and it’s definitely on the cards. I’ll let you know when I suss out some likely dates.
      Don’t have the new shell yet, but am working on it (research, trying stuff on and waiting for sales). Checked the tracking info on my sleeping bag (and all the other cool stuff we ordered) and it left Florida yesterday after sitting in the sorting room there for a week. What the ?!?!?! So – sorry, no delivery of new toys this weekend.
      I like the new gravatar image, . . . ooo, and a new page to follow! Nice work.

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