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Merlin’s Birthday and accolades


This is a very belated birthday celebration for Merlin. He turned 3 two weeks ago so he’s almost running out of excuses to be silly . . . . although I think the “Irish Setter” excuse lasts forever! Anyway, a birthday seems like a wonderful excuse for me to bring out a bunch of photos of him! I’ve put a page for him under the “House” menu (sorry, still haven’t worked out how to put links in here!!) if you want to see them.
Here is another excuse: The day before his birthday Merlin achieved his Australian Show Champion title. Yay! Unfortunately there aren’t many Irish Setters showing in WA so we did end up almost ‘buying’ this title by just going to enough shows where we were the only Irish, but we did beat other dogs a few times, won a “Puppy in Group” award (best Puppy out of all the Gundogs) and the judges shouldn’t award a dog if they don’t think it’s worthy of Champion status so apparently they think he deserves it. I’m glad we got there anyway!


Merlin after getting his Championship title. It’s a very serious occasion.

He also earned his Rally-Obedience Novice title a month or so ago. I think I worked harder for this than he did as he was a real nightmare in his last trial!
We got his Endurance Title in July last year, so that is 3 titles in one year. I definitely worked harder for his Endurance Title than he did – 20km is a piece of cake for him but it was a pretty long run for me!!

2013-06-22 11.07.25

Not a great photo, but it does prove that I ran it (most people ride a bike).

We are still trying to get out first pass at Obedience Trials but get a bit closer every time. I’ll be pretty excited when we get our first Obedience title!



  1. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday and well done Merlin!

  2. Ann says:

    Merlin certainly is growing up to be a real gentleman [and a handsome one too]

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