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New Gear: USB Power Adaptor


I recieved my USB power adaptor in the mail on Thursday and gave it a test run this weekend. Happy to say it works and hasn’t blown any of my devices up yet! It is a 4x USB port charger with interchangeable plugs (AUS, UK, US, EUR?). This was particularly useful for me as I could test the device here, then take the UK plug with me when I go. It is a bit heavier than I’d like (~100g) but I think the 4 ports will be worth it. It means that if I have limited time with a power point (e.g. just stopping by a pub/shop/public facility) I can charge most of my devices and my power storage (the solar wraps) all at once. Disappointingly, the UK plug is 6g heavier than the AUS plug!!

Here is a picture of it charging everything up (one of the solar wraps is actually already charged, hence the green light)

I think this completes my set of electronic gear. The full list is:

The only other things are a couple of extras for the camera – a spare battery (I’d hate to run out of power and not be able to take photos for several days) and a special waterproof pouch for it (so I can keep it out on rainy days).


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