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Another perspective on the hike this week . . . .


Steve, my hiking companion, sent this email out about day 2 of our trip. I found it quite entertaining so thought you might like to read it. Plus, it gives me an excuse to put some more photos up! Read below for his summary:

. . . “our walk the other day… when severe weather warnings were posted & bunbury got 52.2mm rain before noon!

Helen found her near-new expensive parka was completely inadequate & afforded no protection at all, and my w/proof overpants of many years use had secretly split down the the crutch seam, as I put them on presumably.
She was soaked to the skin within half an hour and my undies/trousers/legs/socks rapidly became increasingly cold & wet as the rain poured down my back & straight through the split seam of my pants!

We left the night’s hut around 8am & shortly after, decided to abort the walk & bail out, so walked non-stop for 3hrs in pouring rain to Mumballup pub, eagerly anticipating a warm, dry boozy afternoon by the fire waiting pickup by Cherie, rather than continue on & try to survive another 3days with saturated clothes and no rain gear worth mentioning.

Unfortunately the pub was shut, there are no phones there & Helen had no reception on her mobile…. Exit plan A.
So we changed into what extra few dry clothes we carry & sat shivering on the verandah discussing plan B.

After unsuccessfully trying to hitch into Donnybrook we managed to borrow a mobile from a passing truckie and phoned Cherie. About an hour later we were warm & cozy with the car heater full bore & heading home!

Apart from the chill we enjoyed it.
This is why we walk in winter…. Placing faith in your self & gear on the knife edge of “character building” vs stupidity and knowing the difference!


Directions to the part of the track we didn’t get to.


A Willy Wagtail (sorry about the quality – he ran over the other side of the road so I was at full zoom)


Making ourselves at home on the pub verandah


Another nice shot of the approach to the hut.


Steve and his stove setup. For those doubters out there, Steve will attest to the fact that I didn’t eat/drink anything warmed by this stove! (I did have some of his green ginger wine for warming purposes though. Definitely need to add some form of liquid heat to my gear list!


More pretty flowers


Another lovely section of Bib Track


Steve demonstrating why trekking poles are an essential piece of hiking gear (camp, day 1)


Me on the track (day 1) – you can just see me in the distance


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