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Progress on hiking plans and interesting realisations


Now that I’m back, and have met my work deadline, I’m starting to make some progress on hiking plans. Please check out the pages (from top menu) to see where I’m up to.

I’ve also recently had a few interesting revelations about my priorities (or lack of them).

1. While stressing about spending so much money on a tent which is incredibly lightweight and high-tech, will hopefully last me for years to come and is going to save me hundreds of pounds in accommodation costs (plus give me amazing freedom to go wherever I want), I realised that I’ve spent close to that amount on wine in the past 4 months. So, I can just not buy wine for 6 months then not have any qualms about buying the tent!!

2. While stressing about whether I needed to get a sub 1kg tent with minimal features, or get the 1.4kg tent with everything I wanted plus more, OR spend $150 more to knock 200g off the 1.4kg tent, I realised that a normal tube of toothpaste is 185g. What?!?!?! I understand that I need to cut weight in every possible way because every 50g here and there is going to add up to a lot in the end . . . . but stressing about a tube of toothpaste seems crazy!!


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