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Nationals 2014: Day 7


Well, Nationals are done for another year . . . almost! My racing is done at least. We still have Rhys’ World Cup single scull A Final plus a final bit of trailer loading tomorrow, the trip back to Sydney, a night in Potts Point (we finally got around to booking somewhere) and some logistics to get cars/luggage/people to where they need to be. But, I have finished all my racing, had some hot chips, ate a big dinner at the buffet, had my first bundy and coke and am now sitting around with the rest of the squad (well, the 8 of us that are still here and don’t need to be racing tomorrow) in one room. It’s a little squishy, quite noisy and very smelly. All the ‘kids’ are just bouncing of each other, eating way too much and making themselves sick. It’s great that everyone’s having a good end to the week.

I had the Interstate Lightweight Quad today. We thought the Tassie crew would just be miles ahead and they actually weren’t. The NSW crew went out pretty hard and it was them, Tas and us to the first 500m. Then NSW and Tas pulled away, with NSW in the lead. NSW started to fade in the 3rd 500m, with Tas overtaking them, but NSW continued to fight. We had a really big push at the 1500m and made up a lot of ground, but weren’t good enough to catch them. I didn’t feel like I had a great race – just didn’t settle in that well and never really got onto the rhythm, but tried hard to not upset the boat, put as much power on as I could and made sure I didn’t get my oars stuck in the water.


All the other girls had a great race (which is important to me) and we certainly had a lot of fun. We had some fun bantering with the NSW crew on the way to the start line, then had hysterical giggles on the start line when Nell had trouble with her diaphram/chest cramping up and me having to pat her on the back while she burped for about 5 minutes trying to get it to clear! It was pretty funny and the TV camera was focussed on us for the whole time, so hopefully they didn’t televise too much of it!Image
(Oh, we got bronze, if you didn’t catch that bit!)

Then some hot chips, a couple of cups of cider, a bunch of boat loading and general phaffing around, then back to Blacktown.

Rhys got through his repechage in the morning . . . he was coming 2nd in a super competitive race (all 5 people within 2s at the 1000m), then the guy in the lead blew up, stopped, put his head in his hands! The first 4 got through so after that guy had stopped everyone else just slowed down and paddled home.Rhys also came 2nd in the President’s Scull. Pretty impressive as everyone else in that race hadn’t raced already that day. He has the A Final of the World Cup scull tomorrow morning.

My battery is almost dead, and I can’t think of much else to say, so I’ll try to put some photos in (none of mine) and leave it at that for now.

Thanks for all your support, I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing you all.


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  1. Emma Jones says:

    Now that you have TWO yellow zootsuits you can train in one 🙂 which means we have more matching outfits for the double? Don’t forget to maxibon Helen!!!!!

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