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Nationals 2014: Day 6


Very quick post today. I’m about to head back out to the course for interstate quad training then to our WA team dinner afterwards. The dinner is not much fun as a lightweight!!

Our quad today went really well. We got silver and pushed the winning crew all the way. I thought they’d beat us easily so it was a nice surprise to be so close. Also a good sign for our interstate quad tomorrow which is 3 of the girls from the quad today.

So, just the interstate quad tomorrow (I’ll prob have to be ~57.5 as Maia is a bit under. Was 57.7 today), then pack everything up and load the trailer (hopefully the brakes are fixed now!!). Oh, and eat. A lot!! And drink.

Other exciting news today, our poster boy, Rhys, got a call last night asking if he could row the single scull for Australia in the World Cup because one of the guys was unwell. So thismorning Rhys had his first race for the Senior A (open age) Australian Team. Good on him. He really deserves it and has just missed out for so long.


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  1. Thea says:

    Yay, only one more race! Hope it went well and enjoy your food and drinks tonight. You deserve it x

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