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Nationals 2014: Day 5


Double scull this morning, had to be 57 by 11:55am. Thanks to a very light dinner last night (soup and a piece of bread) and no food or water thismorning except for 2 handfuls of Special K and a mini easter egg, I actually managed to be on weight by about 10am.Image

I decided I needed a haircut (it’s got a little long and has been getting in the way) and thought I’d feel stupid getting it cut a couple of days after I’d put so much effort into weighing in, so just did it thismorning. One of the boys had scissors, but didn’t want to help me, so I just did it myself. OK, maybe my brain was not functioning very well for not having enough energy, but I’m actually pretty happy with it, even now after I’ve eaten! (Photo below: that’s actually where my hair stops, it’s not just hanging behind my shoulders!)

I managed to drive everyone to the course successfully (had Special K next to me in the car in case I needed emergency food) and weighed in. I actually weighed in at 56.8, and Carly was 56.7 so we had a whole half kilo to spare!! Then I sat down to eat. A small carton of Sustagen milk, 2 crumpets and honey, 1 bit of bread and honey, 1 plain bit of bread and a bottle of staminade. I reweighed (just out of interest) and was back up to 58.15. 1.35kg in 20 minutes is not bad!!

Our race went fairly well, but we just weren’t fast enough. I think all of the other crews in the race had been training a fair bit, whereas we had rowed about 6km together before the race. We came together pretty well but were probably only 90% together (or 100% together 50% of the time) so only had 90% of the speed of the top crews. I felt like I contributed for the whole race, and Carly said it felt good, so overall a positive row but just a shame we couldn’t get a medal. Not really much else to say.

Czech came 1st (blistering 1st and last 500m, with a really slow patch in the middle!), Laura/Georgia M came second and Alex/Eve came third. Nell and Jess came 5th and I don’t know where the others came. (Oh, sorry, forgot to say . . . we came 4th!)

It turns out that Carly only started training again in November (after taking a few years off) and is still only up to doing 3 sessions a week on the water so she is doing amazingly well. She’ll probably be crazy fast next year!


I have my open lightweight quad tomorrow with 2 of the girls from my interstate quad (Nell and Jess) and another girl from WA (Amy). We have never trained in that combination and are not pre-rowing, so we’ll just wing it for the race I guess. I don’t even know what order the seating will be. The other girls have all rowed together a fair bit so I assume I’ll be in bow and it should be OK. Luckily Amy is super light (55.4 today) so I don’t have to be down at 57. Unfortunately I think I’m supposed to be weighing in at 57.5 and I think I ate too much for dinner tonight (back up to almost 59 now!!) so it could be another miserable morning. Damn . . . I was 57.4 before dinner so thought I could relax for 5 minutes!!

Other good results for today:
Fairclough won his U21LM1X, so is a National Champion
Rhys got bronze in the OM2X
Alex Murphy got bronze in the U23LM2X
Jack and Matt C got 4th in the U23M2X
Mitch Boros won the B Final of the U21M1X



  1. bridget says:

    Love the hair!

  2. Thea says:

    Sorry, didn’t see yesterday until today aswell. I seem to recall both Mars bars and power axes are great pick me up foods! Also the 20 minute binge equating to over a kg is impressive! 4th was a great effort and technically 3rd in Australia right! Good luck for tomorrow x

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