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Nationals 2014: Day 3


The morning started dark and early (5:30am) with a horrified exclamation of “I can’t believe it’s not even Wednesday yet”. (It is still Tuesday isn’t it??) It feels like we’ve been here, and racing, forever. Also, Nationals usually starts on Monday, so the Sunday start and rearrangement of events is throwing everyone a bit. We headed out to the course at 6 (arrive 6:30) to pre-row for my single semi.Image

My pre-row didn’t feel great, but it didn’t on Sunday either so I was trying to stay positive. While waiting for my race, I got to watch one of our boys, Rhys, come 2nd (almost 1st) in his semi to go through to the A-Final in the Open Men’s Single. It was an awesome race – a powerful performance and he really broke some other guys and helped put a pretty serious contender (and one of the guys who beat him in the heat) into the B Final. Especially good as a few people had been doubting his capabilities . . . and this was a pretty emphatic rebuttal.

I was in lane 8 today, which has orange numbers, so I took a terrible looking selfie with all the orange racing gear I had today.Image

Today was a stark contrast, weather-wise, to yesterday. Yesterday I was sitting at the start line shivering, dripping with rain and covered in goose-bumps. Today I was sitting there dripping with sweat. I knew I’d have to go fast to make the A-Final, but also knew that I was capable of it, if I was fit and strong. Unfortunately I was not. As most of you know I’ve been pretty tired for a while now and have most likely had/have some kind of virus (glandular fever or similar). Based on Sunday, I seemed to still be able to race OK, but I think the last two days of racing have taken their toll. I did everything I could in my race today and am actually pretty happy with it, except for the actual speed. I rowed technically well, kept the rate up, pushed myself all the way and most of all, didn’t drop my head or do any stupid panicky stuff (sloppy technique, messy strokes etc) when I wasn’t going well. I just didn’t have the speed, and right from the start was off the pace. I came 7th, a long way from an A-final finish. I didn’t feel as physically wrecked as I did after races last year (lactic, burning legs, naseous/crampy) but am still sure I gave it my all and was pretty emotionally tired from pushing myself. I got my boat off the water and back to trestles and just sat down next to it for a while. I was exhausted.

For the rest of the day my ‘tiredness’ symptoms from the past month or so kicked back in – light headedness, out-of-breath walking up hills, generally shakiness and just needing to sleep. I hadn’t realised how much better I’d been feeling for the last week!! Anyway, it’s not too bad and I’ve organised to not pre-row in the morning so I’ll just get to the course in time for my weigh in tomorrow (B Final) so I can get a bit more sleep and rest. I’m going to attack the B-Final (10:30am tomorrow, 7:30 your time) with the same race plan as today – go as fast as I can for 2km, . . . regardless of what everyone else is doing. It’s the best I can do, and hopefully it goes a bit better than today.

I chilled out in the grandstand for a while, and took some photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere. I also had a lay down under some sculls in the boatpark for a while, which was pretty relaxing and surprisingly comfortable. I didn’t think I could capture the moment on camera though! Also got some clothes shopping done in the regatta store!



Can’t think of much else to say. Despite the poor racing performance, I’m actually quite enjoying my time here. The squad is really good and I’m a lot less stressed than I have been for previous years. I’ll be trying to make weight over the next few days, so may be having less fun then, but hopefully it won’t be too bad.

I know the comments thing on here is not super easy, nor private, but you guys are welcome to just email me any comments/conversation stuff from these posts instead of commenting on here. I love hearing from you.

I’m going to try to add pictures to the past couple of days posts, so check them out again.

So, now a run down of results from today:

Rhys 2nd in scull, into A Final
Mitch Boros last in scull, into B Final (he was 4th for 1500m then just couldn’t hold it so he gave his all to try to get into the A Final)Jack last in scull, into B Final (he had a completely blocked nose from allergies or sinus-y thing so couldn’t breathe!)
Rourke/Mitch U23M2- last in rep, into B Final and heaps faster than yesterday
Mackenzie U19W1X 6th in rep, eliminated AND 5th in U19W2X, into rep
Alex Murphy 3rd in U231X semi, into A Final
Cassidi U21LW1X 5th in rep, into B Final AND 5th in U23LW2X, eliminated.



  1. Ann says:

    Good to hear that you are enjoying the atmosphere even if not getting all the medals you deserve. Like the photos.

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