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Nationals 2014: Day 2


Today started very early (5:25am alarm, leave the hotel at 5:45am to get to the boats by 6:30am) and overcast. My doubles partner, Carly, and I went for a quick (4km) practice row. It felt OK – reasonably natural to fit in (I’m in bow of course!) and good power. Just needs some work on getting the connection together. The racing piece we did felt a bit messy, but felt like the main problem was just tenseness/nerves . . . so good potential and hopefully it will come together well in the race.

Then back home for a bit of a rest before heading out again just before lunchtime. By this point the drizzle had set in at the course, and pretty quickly ramped its way up to proper rain and a pretty stiff headbreeze. Still 2 hours until my race so hopefully it would settle down.

I weighed in for the single, 57.7 . . . looking good for my “sweat run and re-weigh” plan for the double later. Then, a miracle! The weigh in guy said one of the doubles had scratched so we’d been consolidated to a straight final on Thursday. Yay! No 57kg weigh in until Thursday, after all my singles racing is done. (Also no practice race to get it together before the final, but we’ll probably do another training row later in the week)

By the time of my race the wind had dropped to a slight head but it was still raining, . . and cold (vs the weekend, which was pretty hot). My repechage went pretty well, but just didn’t feel as good as yesterday, and this was reflected in the times (ie slow!!). I got out in front from the start and didn’t have to push too hard to stay there, although I did make sure I had enough margin to prevent any stressful sprint finishes and was very careful to stay well away from all the buoys!! It felt a bit slow, heavy and not as easy as it should’ve, but I think that was (hopefully) because I wasn’t having to push so I just wasn’t as upbeat and pro-active about it.

I have the semi tomorrow at 12pm (9am your time). My semi looks like it’s way harder than the other one, but I think that’s partly that my perception of how fast everyone is going it a bit wrong (ie people that I think should be really fast, actually aren’t going that fast and vice versa). I just have to get out there and attack it like I did the heat, and hopefully it feels good like the heat did.

As a positive, apparently a couple of random coaches said to my coach “Wow, Helen was going really fast in that heat” . . . so my 300-500m after stopping with the buoy problem was really flying! I didn’t have much idea because the timing through the 500m wasn’t working and I couldn’t see my stroke coach (looking forward to getting the data off my garmin though to see exactly how long I was stopped for and how fast I was going). The coaches weren’t really random . . . probably people I knew, but my coach didn’t know them.

Then had a pretty cheerful and relaxed afternoon, helping the others out, browsing the regatta shops (not in a shopping mood though, couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy) then came home to a lovely meal of steak and veges (don’t have to be 57 for another 2 days!!).

So, now some details:Tomorrow, 12pm, semi 2, lane 8. Also in race is Amy Walters, Janelle, Annabel, Laura, Ella, Maia, Sarah Pound
(Other heat is Eve Mure, Jess, Hannah C, Hannah EH, Alice Mac, Alex Hayes, Carly, Aisyah Gala)

Highlights from yesterday:Mitch Boros straight through to U21M1X (3rd)
Alex Murphy straight through to U23LM1X (3rd)

Results from today:Rhys Grant won his repechage, into OM1X semi
Pete/Thom pair 5th in rep, into B Final, but much happier with their race today
Jack Clearly 2nd in rep, into U23M1X semi (a great effort for his first year in U23s)
Caitlin 6th in rep, into B Final of U21W1X
Rourke/Mitch pair 7th in heat, into rep of U23M2- and potential for big improvements
Mackenzie 6th in U19 W1X, into rep, and happy after her first race at Nationals for the club (not school)
Me, 1st in rep, into OLW1X semi
Cassidi 7th in U21 1X, into rep
Tom Fairclough, absolutely blitzed his U21ML1X heat to win easily (into the semi)
Mike/JIP pair 3rd in U23LM2- race for lanes. Final later in week.
Jack and Matt Cochran (WARC) 3rd in U23M2X, into rep
Fairclough/Boros U21M2X 3rd in heat, into rep (Fairclough here racing heavyweight, ~1hr after his LM1X heat win!)
Cassidi and a Vanuatan 5th in U23W2X heat, into rep
Fairclough and Tom Horton (UWABC) 2nd in U23LM2X heat, into Final (now racing U23L, instead of U21, and 3rd race in ~3 hours!
Alex and Will Clark (Mosman) 1st in U23LM2X heat, into Final
And an honorary mention to our coach Joe’s Trinity quad who came 2nd and got into the semi of the U17M4X+
And to Joe for doing over 60km on the bike just today to watch all our races!!

And, now it’s bed time again, so I’ll put some photos on for you tomorrow (I’ve taken heaps!!).

Here’s one of the boat park:



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