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Nationals 2014: Day 1


Hi guys,

Lots to say and even got some really nice photos of the course for you today but it’s bed time so I’m going to keep it quick. If you saw the results today, don’t be alarmed. I’m actually pretty stoked after my race. I had a reasonable start and settled into a really good rhythm. It was smooth, probably the best I’ve felt I’ve rowed in ages and actually felt like I’d be able to hold it for the race. I thought I was comfortably in fourth, but apparently I was actually pushing up into second. Then I hit a buoy (at about 700m in). And not just hit it and slowed down, but hit it and got my oar caught upside underwater parallel to my boat. I didn’t think I’d be able to get it out either! Anyway, eventually I did get my oar out and took off again in pursuit of fourth place. When I crossed back into my lane (because the oar stuck in the water had spun my about 45 degrees and dragged me into the next lane) I hit another buoy, which caused me to knock my stroke coach (which gives me stroke rate, distance and speed and is pretty vital for my rowing) off it’s mount and onto my foot. Face down unfortunately so I couldn’t see it anymore!! I did chase fourth down and had just drawn in front when she did a really big push/sprint and I just didn’t have enough left to go with her. I hung on for a bit longer but then chilled out a bit for the last 300m or so when I realised I wasn’t going to catch up and wasn’t going to lose 5th position either.

Obviously not the result I wanted, but really positive in that I actually felt capable of racing and was doing a pretty good job. Big thumbs up.

My weight is also better (weighed in at 58.3kg today, and was the same after the race) and I’ve decided I want to give the double a try. We’re going for a practice row early tomorrow (hence the early bed time), I’ll weigh in for and race my single at 1:35pm, then try to get down to 57kg to reweigh for the double. The double is at 4:45pm. If we are going to scratch, we have to do it by 2:45. I have to weigh in (57) between 2:45 and 3:45, so I’ll make a call at 2:43 as to whether I think I’m going to make weight within that extra hour. Good news is, looks like our double heat will be achievable to go straight to the final so hopefully if we are half decent and I make weight we can do that . . . which means I don’t have to be 57 again until Thursday!! My double heat has Georgia Miansarow/Laura Dunn (both from camp etc), Alex Needoba/Amy Walters (from Perth clubs) and one other double I don’t know (but they weren’t fast in singles). Top 2 go straight through to final on Thursday. Rest to repechage on Wednesday. (Other heat has Alex/Eve, Jess/Janelle, Mac/HannahC, Czech Republic and a crew I don’t know!! Glad I’m not in that one!!)

Also, my single rep should be OK. Top 2 through to Semis on Tuesday. All people I should be able to beat . . . . but as we saw today, anything can happen!

Feeling upbeat and good. Will hopefully have more time tomorrow. Goodnight x

(Reminder: 1:35pm and 4:45pm tomorrow. 10:35 and 1:45 Perth time)

Photos, added later to post:

Our race was actually delayed for 1hr 20 due to a storm coming in. This is a picture of everyone sitting around waiting during the delay.


And here are some nice photos from the finish line end of the course.



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