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Nationals 2014: Day -1


I took a photo of the warm-up-lake for you all today.Image

It was bright and sunny at this point, although was misty when we left Blacktown (and smelled of beautiful crisp mountain air) and was thunderstormy again this afternoon.

Our coach, Jamie showed up last night, so was at the course thismorning checking everyone’s rigging (pitch/span/oar lengths) then it was off for a quick lap of the course (~4km all up). My blister was a bit sore, but hopefully calms down for tomorrow and I still felt pretty tired, although did get one 30 stroke piece that felt OK. Part of the flatness (or hopefully most of it!) was just low blood sugar levels.

Racing starts tomorrow, and the draw just came out. I’m in heat 2, at 4:05pm in lane 2. Top 4 go to the Semi, with the rest going to the repechage. I really want to go straight through. The names I know in my race are Ella Flecker (Tassie, 2nd at Nats last year, 1st at NSW States this year), Annabelle Gibson (5th? at NSW States), Alex Hayes (my doubles partner from 2012, 9th? at Nats last year, 8th? at NSW States), Jess Bowyer (Freo, 11th NSW States). Hopefully I can beat at least one of them, and the rest of the field and I can go straight through to Semis. I stand a reasonable chance, as long as I don’t screw up or actually am in pretty bad form/shape.

That’s all for now. I’m off for a short walk. Fingers crossed for some good weather and fast racing (from me, not the others!) tomorrow.

(Fresh back from my walk, here are some pictures of the storm and our temporary home:ArtyStormSunset

Firstly, an arty one showing the sunset and storm clouds over our Bowling Green.


The back of our hotel, with lovely orange lighting from the sunset.


Bright pink sunset and ominous storm clouds over the sports fields I was running around yesterday. This photo does not do the colours justice. There was also some pretty impressive lightning, but none captured on film.


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