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Nationals 2014: Day -3


It was a long day yesterday – got up at 4:15am to fly out at 5:35am. All went well, even after the check-in girl asked to weigh my hand luggage then somehow decided that 10kg was fine! I had 21kg in my suitcase too so it’s not like I could’ve rearranged things. Image

I had three seats to myself on the plane so got to completely stretch out and sleep a lot of the way, which was lucky as they had the new Virgin wireless entertainment system, which my phone is not compatible with and my big laptop doesn’t have enough battery life to take advantage of. So, no movies for me!


My flight was about half an hour late, and then it took a while to get picked up by the rental car shuttle (hiring from an offsite rental company this time – saves ~30% on car hire cost!!).


Finally got into the car and started heading to Blacktown . . . only to get stuck in a traffic jam for the entire M5 – it took us over half an hour to get ~5km!!


We finally arrived in Blacktown at about 4pm. Our hotel is much nicer than the places we normally stay (and correspondingly more expensive), but the area is pretty dodgy. One of our girls already had an incident while out running where a van pulled up near her, wound down the window and honked at her, . . . so the girls are not going out alone anymore!

We all went to the members’ club attached to the hotel for a team dinner which was good – buffet providing enough healthy options for me plus tasty food for the others. Then to bed early.

Up thismorning for a light run then breakfast . . . and that’s where I’m up to now.

Our trailer should arrive this afternoon at about 3pm. It was due yesterday but had a breakdown on its first day near Norseman, probably due to a fuel issue. They lost 2 days I think so the driver’s have pushed pretty hard to get here by time. Big thanks to them! We’ll meet them at the course and unload and rig the boats then probably go for our first row tomorrow morning.

That’s about it for now. My weight is not great, but I’m just trying not to worry about it until Sunday (other than doing everything reasonable to bring it down). I’ve decided to try this blog thing, as I was thinking of starting one for my camping trip preparation anyway, and it seems a good way to keep everyone updated without posting heaps on facebook. Let me know what you think!

Just got an update on the trailer . . . it was in Mildura (1,000km away) at 9am, so probably won’t be here until 6 or 7pm tonight 😦



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  1. Thea says:

    Looks good!

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